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Pride in Food Service Week

The 32nd Annual “Pride in Foodservice Week” is February 6-10, 2023. Founded by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP), this is a week to celebrate our hard-working food service and nutrition staff and thank them for all that they do.

Food service staff work year-round to provide healthy meals for our residents and community staff.  To be successful in this role, food service workers need to perform in a high-pressure and fast paced environment. Food service jobs can be tiring and demanding requiring long hours each day in a typically hot kitchen.  Our food service staff value patient safety, possessing knowledge about safe food handing, food borne illness prevention, and meal order accuracy. They are responsible for food preparation, planning, cooking, lifting heavy pots, pans and supplies, serving, delivering, cleaning, following safety and sanitation regulations, answering resident questions, memorizing resident preferences, accommodating special requests and multiple diet consistencies, and maintaining customer service every day. Our food service staff do all of this in a friendly manner and truly care for the residents and their nutritional needs- ask them, they know most all their resident’s food preferences, likes and dislikes! Food service is key to improving resident health and wellness. The staff ensure patients are nourished and hydrated so they can have sustained energy, recover from injury or illness, and have the best quality of life.  Being able to serve fresh, made from scratch food ensures residents receive optimal nutrients, while also feeling comforted by their favorite homemade dishes. Our chefs take pride in learning new recipes and cooking techniques which help keep the meals palatable and appetizing! It really goes to show, that we have PRIDE in our food service!

A huge THANKS goes to the Laurel View Village Dining Department. Your hard work and dedication to serving the community is much appreciated day in, and day out!

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