Celebrating Long Term Care Administrator’s Week

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2023)





March 9 – 13 is Long Term Care Administrator’s Week, where we honor and celebrate administrators’ vital role in providing leadership for delivering quality, resident-centered care, and a supportive work environment.

Below is an article written by our Healthcare Administrator, Rachel Wachter:

It seems disingenuous that the rest of the United States only celebrates Long Term Care and the compassionate caregivers of our industry once a year when the Laurel View Village community celebrates daily. All too often, when the world thinks about caregivers, they do not look beyond the nurses providing care to the residents. They are right, but ALL staff here at Laurel View can pridefully call themselves caregivers. Our core values and standard expectations are that each team member sees themselves as caregivers to our residents and promotes dignity and respect daily.

Look at the compassionate aide who grabbed her resident’s favorite lipstick last night because she knew it would make the resident’s day. But then, the nurse’s aide went one step further when delivering the gift. She had her young daughter, who the resident constantly asks about, present the lipstick to the resident.

Or the nurse who sat bedside, sharing photos of her family vacation with her resident and engaged him in reminiscing about his past vacations.

The cook who knows Mr. Smith’s bacon must be extra crispy, only three pieces, and black coffee.

Finally, let’s shine a light on the Environmental Service individual who took his day off to deliver a hospital bed so an avid hunter could spend one more night at his family cabin.

What do you think of when you think about a caregiver? Is it any of the things I mentioned above? Has your life been touched by one of the caregivers here at Laurel View Village? I sit back daily in awe of this incredible group of individuals I am honored to work with here at Laurel View Village. They go above and beyond, not only for each other but for our residents and families.

Our nursing staff knows our residents, their family, and their friends by name and their stories and purposefully tries to make a difference in our guests’ lives the same way they have made a difference in ours.

An anonymous individual states, “When you are a caregiver, you know every day you will touch a life, or a life will touch yours.” 

Be open to both, and purposefully show your appreciation every day!