Care Centers

One of the best qualities of senior care centers is access to continuing care. While you may have plans to live a carefree, active lifestyle well into your senior years, the reality is that sometimes plans get skewed. Health problems can arise at any time. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a senior living community that has a team of skilled caregivers available to take care of you when you need a little extra attention. To learn more about our services for dementia, nursing care, and rehabilitation services in Johnstown, PA, schedule a time to speak with one of our team members.

We are a Life Plan Community

Laurel View Village is all about active aging. Our residents come here to enjoy life. We offer lovely residences and many, many activities. At the same time, we recognize that most of us will face some health challenges as we age.

We are a Life Plan / Continuing Care campus, which means we offer different levels of care for our residents, should it ever be needed.  This makes Laurel View Village very different from privately owned for-profit businesses and high rise apartment complexes. At Laurel View Village you receive priority access to a whole range of services, including the finest long term health care in the entire region.

You may never need this care, but someday it could be very important.

At Laurel View Village we have a Personal Care Center, along with specialized Dementia or Memory Care plus Skilled Nursing Care, and also Therapy and Rehabilitation Services, all right here on our campus. We even have Home Nursing Services available in our apartments and townhomes.

At Laurel View Village, you are not alone. If your health ever deteriorates, you or your family will not be forced to look for a vacancy in an nursing home somewhere. You will not have to find a temp agency to get part-time helpers into your house. No worries, rest easy.

If you’re thinking of making a change, we urge you to carefully consider not only the amenities and costs of an apartment, but also your long term health care needs. Laurel View Village provides the best solution on both counts.

At Laurel View Village, you will have the level of care you need for as long as you need.

Ready to find out more?

Are you looking for a particular service? Laurel View Village is a full-service continuing care retirement community, a Life Plan Community. We have what you are looking for.