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5 Types of Senior Housing Options

By Angela McKool | February 2, 2018

Senior living is no longer the one-size-fits-all living arrangement of the past. With the greater understanding of peoples’ different capabilities and needs, residents can choose a housing plan customized to their standards so as to maximize their quality of life. There are several different living options available, but here are the five most common types of senior housing options.

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Three Myths about Living in Retirement Communities

By Angela McKool | January 29, 2018

Moving into a retirement community is an important choice that is guaranteed to change your life. Unfortunately, most people have misconceptions about what living in a retirement community will be like. Here are three common myths to know when considering a senior living community near Somerset, PA.

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Dementia Live Training Offered Free to the Public

By siteadmin | January 19, 2018

Dementia Live Somerset County         Description: In this high-impact Dementia Live experience, you will be immersed into life with dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with a cognitive impairment and sensory change. You will be empowered to build new bridges of communication. To elevate person-centered care practices, care providers must first gain an understanding of what dementia is and how the individual with dementia feels when challenged with cognitive and sensory changes. Dementia Live is experiential learning that simulates cognitive and sensory impairment, giving participants a real-life simulation of what it must be like to live with dementia. (Dementia Live was created by a North Central Texas based Company, Age-u-cate Training…

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What to Ensure Before Moving to a Senior Living Community

By Angela McKool | January 15, 2018

Many people avoid moving to a senior living community because they feel it would decrease their independence. However, those that do find the right community end up realizing that they have found a better lifestyle with more opportunities to live a fuller life. At Laurel View Village in Johnstown, PA, we know moving can be a stressful experience. We also know that moving to the right community can help you reduce stress and live longer!

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The Advantages of Senior Living Facilities

By Angela McKool | December 15, 2017
Seniors in the kitchen

Transitioning to a senior living facility can be scary, but there are so many positive aspects of making such a transition. If you or a loved one is considering senior living facilities in Johnstown, PA, here are just a few things to look forward to.

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Why Seniors Prefer Retirement Communities

By Angela McKool | December 10, 2017
Senior couple

Retirement communities in aren’t what they used to be. That’s why so many seniors are selecting them as their new homes. Here are the top reasons why retirement communities are so popular with seniors. Activities If you feel like you’ve been missing out, a retirement community offers the perfect chance to get involved. Every month, you’ll have your choice of physical activities, entertainment, art pursuits, day trips, and more. Independence Seniors who live alone often feel dependent on their loved ones for meals or driving support. And that can strain relationships. At a retirement community, you’ll be able to regain your independence, alleviating the strain on caregivers. Social Growing old can be isolating. From a shrinking social circle to mobility…

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How to Discuss Retirement Communities with Your Relatives

By Angela McKool | December 5, 2017
Senior woman and family

Retirement is a natural phase of life for all people. Living in a retirement home or community may be a natural transition for you or a loved one. Here are some tips on how to discuss the transition to a senior living community in Johnstown, PA, with your loved ones.

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Laurel View Village Hosts Nationally Recognized Professional Downsizer for Seniors

By Angela Rizzo | September 1, 2017

Laurel View Village, a full-service Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), is hosting nationally recognized professional downsizer, Vickie Dellaquila. Dellaquila, is a certified expert in senior downsizing and move management services. She will be presenting two times at Laurel View Village on September 20. The second presentation at 2 p.m. is free and open to the public. “This is just another resource we can provide our community,” said Christina Gorschak, Lead Sales Counselor. “This can be a huge transition for individuals and families, many people feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start. We want to provide individuals, caregivers and their families the opportunity to learn more about senior downsizing.” Vickie Dellaquila is a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO), Certified Professional Organizer…

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25th Anniversary Rewards Savings!

By Angela Rizzo | May 10, 2017

Have you been considering Laurel View Village? Now is better than ever to consider. Laurel View Village is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, offering Anniversary Rewards that can save you thousands of dollars. To learn more click here and we can help you begin exploring your options! We can help you take the first steps, call today to begin the conversation, (814) 288-2724, ext. 4284.

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Call to make your Mother’s Day Buffet Reservations!

By Angela Rizzo | May 8, 2017
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