News From Laurel View Village

COVID Update as of 10.17.21

By Angela Rizzo | October 17, 2021

10.17.21 PERSONAL CARE Families and Residents, We have identified One positive Personal Care Resident. Until further notice all visitation to our Personal Care Center is restricted. All residents and staff will be tested per Department of Health Guidance. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we ensure the safety of all of our residents and employees.

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COVID Update as of 10.8.21

By Angela Rizzo | October 8, 2021

October 7, 2021 Dear Residents and Families, We continue to test unvaccinated employees twice per week as the transmission and positivity rates require. This week’s testing has identified one dining staff who is positive. The staff person is not believed to have created any other exposures on campus. We are very grateful that no other staff or residents have been identified as positive. While the low prevalence of COVID on our campus is wonderful news, our county positivity rate has increased to greater than 10% which requires us to add some additional restrictions. We understand the need for our residents to have visitors and at this time we are asking that visitors for Personal Care and Health Care residents are…

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COVID Update as of 9.17.21

By Angela Rizzo | September 17, 2021

September 17, 2021 Dear Residents and Families, We are very pleased to announce that we can open the Health Care Center for visitation immediately. We have completed all outbreak testing and protocols and have not found any more cases of COVID in residents or staff. Personal Care has been open to visitation since earlier in the week as their outbreak period started earlier than Health Care. Once again visitors we can gladly welcome to all areas of our campus. We must continue to ask that you practice hand hygiene, mask wearing and distancing while you are here. Also, please refrain from coming if you or anybody in your household is experiencing symptoms. At this time the federal government has changed…

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COVID Update as of 9.10.2021

By Angela Rizzo | September 10, 2021

September 10, 2021 Dear Residents and Families, The good news is that this week’s outbreak testing has identified no new positives in staff or residents. All staff and Personal Care and Health Care residents were tested. This keeps us on track for re-opening the centers. We are pleased to announce that Personal Care will be open to visitors on Sunday, September 12. Please practice hand hygiene, mask wearing and distancing while you are here. Also, please refrain from coming if you or anybody in your household is experiencing symptoms. Health Care must continue one more week of testing prior to announcing an opening date. An entire week of no additional spread is a good sign. Again, while we are closed…

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COVID-19 Update as of 9.3.21

By Angela Rizzo | September 3, 2021

September 3, 2021 Dear Residents and Families, This morning we have identified two positive residents in the health care center. The families of these residents have been notified. The residents have been moved to our designated red zone, which had currently been sitting unused. All other residents have been tested and results are all negative. We have been testing all staff routinely after our Personal Care center had identified a positive staff person earlier this week. We will continue to monitor staff and residents, following all available guidance. We have worked to identify exposure levels of other residents and have concluded that the Arbor can remain green and accept visitors. We must use an alternate entrance so that visitors are…

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COVID-19 Update as of 9.1.21

By Angela Rizzo | September 1, 2021

August 31, 2021 Dear Residents and Families, As you all know, once again we are forced enact COVID precautions due to a positive staff member in Personal Care. Once again, we must close Personal Care to in-person visitation. If you would like to schedule a window or virtual visit, please contact Personal Care Life Enrichment. We regret that these precautions continue to limit your access to loved ones. We have tested staff and personal care residents and have found no other cases of Covid-19. We will be required to show 14 days without any new onsets in order to lift the restrictions. We will continue to share information as we have it. Please understand that more than half of our…

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Update Regarding COVID-19 as of 8.9.2021

By Angela Rizzo | August 9, 2021

August 9, 2021 – Dear residents and families, We have learned that we have one Personal Care (PC) employee who has tested positive with symptoms of Covid-19. This employee was only in the building for a minimal amount of time during their infectious period and exposure to individual residents and other staff was very minor in nature (masked, less than 15 minutes, etc.). We are grateful that all our PC residents are vaccinated, and that any exposure was limited, but we are still required to consider this an outbreak and enact certain protocols. Effective immediately the following precautions are being enacted in personal care. PC is considered a Yellow Zone where gowns, eye protection, and n95 masks must be worn…

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Update Regarding COVID19 as of 7.30.21

By Angela Rizzo | July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021 Dear residents, staff and friends of Laurel View Village, Today we learned that an employee of our maintenance team has tested positive for COVID19.  This unfortunately, will impact that team and have a few members out for a quarantine period. There was no exposure to residents. Therefore, with minimal exposure on campus and not to any of our resident areas it will allow us to keep the care areas open for visitation as normal. Also, since this is not considered an outbreak, testing of staff will continue as normal, which is once per month for unvaccinated employees. Testing occurs the third Tuesday of each month, so as of now the next scheduled date is Tuesday, August 17.…

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Seal Coating on Campus – Limited accessibility

By Angela Rizzo | July 21, 2021

NOTICE July 21, 2021 – Illustrative Summary Below: All areas highlighted yellow to be treated with proper cleaning, prep-work, pavement crack repair for significant cracks, and commercial-grade seal coat. WEATHER PERMITTING! Wednesday, July 21 the walking trail work will start. Please refrain from using the trail starting on Wednesday. By end of Wednesday all cars affected by yellow marks (Wheatfield Drive Road and driveways, also Bobwhite, Goldfinch and Hummingbird driveways) will need moved to the main parking lots. Cars will not be able to pull out or in from Thursday morning to Saturday morning. Your options include 1) leave your car in your own garage [if you will not need it until Saturday the 24th or  2) relocate it to…

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Update Regarding COVID-19 as 6.2.21

By Angela Rizzo | June 2, 2021

June 2, 2021 Dear residents and families, Today we learned that a test completed last week, has come back positive. The individual is an employee who works in Health Care Dining. Unfortunately, this is going to require us to close the Health Care Center to indoor in-person visitation once again. We will be able to host window visits, outdoor in-person visits and electronic visits. Please schedule your visit through our website or by calling Health Care life enrichment. End of Life and other compassionate care visits may continue as per our guidelines. This exposure will cause us to continue outbreak testing where all employees and residents will be tested weekly. We will be able to end outbreak precautions and open…

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