Frequently Asked Questions

Seniors considering a move to Laurel View Village have many questions – about the continuing care concept, about our independent apartments, about our personal care options, about skilled nursing, about therapy, finances and much more.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope this info is helpful, but we also know some of it is complicated. We encourage you to call our marketing staff for more information.

What is the Laurel View Village refund and how does it apply?

Laurel View Village offers a 30% refund and 60% refund on the accommodation fee (the price of your apartment or townhome).
Laurel View Village deducts 1.25% from your accommodation fee, beginning the month you move into The Village.

30% refund – 1.25% is deducted each month for a total of 56 months. Ending with 30% refund of your original accommodation fee.
60% refund – 1.25% is deducted each month for a total of 32 months. Ending with a 60% refund of your original accommodation fee.

If you or your loved one needs a higher level of care permanently; refunds can be transferred to personal care to cover costs or to skilled nursing to cover long term care.
If you or your loved one dies, while residing in independent living, your refund is sent to your heirs, once the apartment or townhome is remarketed.

What is the monthly service fee?

The monthly service fee or MSF, is a monthly charge to live in your apartment or townhome and covers utilities, maintenance, meal plans, real estate taxes and transportation.

What type of independent living is available and what services, if any, are included?

Laurel View Village has 170 independent living accommodations.

  • 55 Vista Apartments, which include 2 meals a day, bi-weekly housekeeping all utilities except cable and telephone.
  • 55 Cambridge Place Apartments, which include a meal plan of choice for the Oakwood restaurant, and all utilities except cable and telephone.
  • 60 Townhomes, which include all utilities except cable, telephone, gas, and electric.
  • All Independent Living residents control their own heat and air conditioning.
  • Cable for Laurel View Village is offered at a reduced rate, which is the Value Added Cable Package from Atlantic Broadband. Channels 0 to 99.

Laurel View Village provides free transportation to medical appointments.

Can I have guest/s in my apartment or townhome; if so, for how long?

Yes, you may have a guest/s in your apartment/townhome for 30 consecutive days. Laurel View Village offers guest rooms in our Vista and Cambridge Place Apartments. Each offering a complimentary breakfast in the coordinating dining room.

Do I need home insurance, is so what type?

Laurel View Village provides insurance on the apartment/townhome structures. You may choose to insure the contents of your apartment or townhome with a home rental insurance policy.

Is there a wait list and is there a fee to be on the wait list?

Yes, there are wait lists for independent living units: Vista Apartments, Cambridge Place Apartments and Townhomes. No, there is no fee to have your name added to the wait list, once your financial application is approved.

What are the refurbishing options for independent living apartments/townhomes?

Vista Apartments offers your choice of carpet, either a plush or Berber material. Color of your choice.

Cambridge Place Apartments offers your choice of vinyl, tile or wood laminate for the kitchen and bath/s, plush or Berber carpet, and your choice of paint color.

Townhomes offer your choice of kitchen countertop, bath/s countertops, kitchen and bath/s flooring in vinyl, tile or wood laminate, your choice of paint, and carpeting and flooring for all the main living areas and bedrooms and/or dens.You may choose from basic or upgrade brands.

What services or special amenities does Laurel View Village offer?

Laurel View Village is a continuing care retirement community, offering home care, personal care or skilled care if you need it.

Laurel View Village provides free transportation to your medical appointments. Laurel View Village also has an on campus physician, Dr. Fred Munzer.

The Laurel View Village campus offers on site rehabilitation for inpatient and outpatient needs, laboratory services, blood pressure checks, 2 pools and 2 gyms, a credit union, a hair salon offering an array of services, campus visits by a podiatrist, 2 restaurants and gift shops, chapel, various activity rooms, which can be reserved at no charge, for private functions by residents. Laurel View Village also maintenance free living with our on site maintenance. Housekeeping services are either included in your package or can be purchased offering full array of a la carte options.

What activities are offered to independent living residents?

Laurel View Village offers a wide array of activities. You may enjoy: trips such as white water rafting down the Youghiogheny River, golf outings, trips to the theatre, museum, sporting events, such as Pirate Baseball games, bicycling on the Ghost Town Trail, local festivals and fairs, shopping trips, Mystery Trips, luncheons, health and safety educational programs, bible study groups, book club, quilting, just to name few.

What other levels of care are offered?

Laurel View Village offers home care, personal care and skilled nursing care if you need it.