What Defines Our Character.

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

by.  Dr. Dalton Blough

Town home residents enjoying their porch on a nice summer day at Laurel View Village

Did you ever wonder what it is that makes life here at Laurel View so pleasant and free of many of the undesirable negative activities that we are aware of that exist outside of our lovely campus?
Well, I thought a bit about this and thought I would share my thoughts on why this community is a very pleasant and comfortable place to be.
Lets contemplate the things we find here. Fortunately I’m able to move “out & about” living in a town home. So that gives me abundant freedom to roam and observe.
Look at the lovely and attractive gazebo that was placed in the center of the field between the Cambridge building and the town homes. The structure itself is very pretty but enhanced even more by the attractive and professional landscaping surrounding it. And thanks to our administration for providing the nicely paved walkways allowing for convenient ingress and egress to the gazebo. But beyond all this be aware that this was provided by one of our residents to honor the memory of his wife. Beautiful!
So lets travel around a bit and visit some of the front desks namely Vista, Cambridge, Personal Care, Health Care etc. Invariably we find attractive helpful and usually smiling women. (Who doesn’t like to interact with a pretty woman, particularly if you are one of those older, okay old, men!) Very likely you will receive the answer to your query or get the stamps or the room number etc. Always getting a very adequate response to whatever your mission may have been.
While you are at it, witness the “Tree of Life” in the Vista main lobby area. Where there are the thoughtful gifts to the Village in memory of their loved ones.
There is no problem for anyone at all to find some satisfying activity provided by our activity staff persons.
I will highlight one activity that I particularly enjoy and that would be Boccie, which I find to be a fascinating and intriguing game. Happily this game can be played indoors or outdoors. And, better yet, by even persons who may be afflicted and restricted in some way. I have always said that all this is required to play is to have a heartbeat and at least one arm that goes back and forth! This game is just one evidence of what our wonderful staff brings us.
One last evidence I will highlight as to the character of our neighborhood. Within my four inhabitant cul-de-sac I am the beneficiary of some generous and unselfish and helpful individuals. I need not ever have to go to the mailbox. As soon as Karen, our pleasant and energetic mail lady brings the mail, I can expect my neighbor to drop off my mail including the usual aggravating bills that fortunately I’m able to pay.
Also within my small area another neighbor undertook to repair and replace the damaged downspouts where they exit onto the street. All four of our downspouts were badly cracked and our neighbor, at his own expense, purchased replacements and restored them to proper function.
I purposefully have not named any of the individuals who provide for us as part of their job or by their intrinsic benevolent character. But I will name one person who in essence, defines the character of the neighborhood. His name is Richard and he is perpetually out and about addressing those needs that might otherwise be ignored. Thus he can be found sweeping excess grass or dirt that works its way onto the sidewalks or carry a watering can to water the myriad of potted plants that add to the beauty of our buildings.
Why do we feel blessed to be part of the Laurel View Village complex?  It has to be the wonderful quality of all those who are part of the community.