Three Myths about Living in Retirement Communities

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2018)

Moving into a retirement community is an important choice that is guaranteed to change your life. Unfortunately, most people have misconceptions about what living in a retirement community will be like. Here are three common myths to know when considering a senior living community near Somerset, PA.

I Will Lose My Independence

This myth is common and understandable, but completely unfounded. Retirement communities actually help seniors gain independence, allowing you to select the level of independence and care you desire. Staff available to help 24/7 also offer peace of mind that, if something were to go wrong, help will be at hand.

I Will Be Closer to My Family at Home

By selecting senior communities near Somerset, PA that are close to your family, you will be able to increase quality time spent together. Instead of children and relatives stopping by for necessities and chores, your loved ones will be able to spend time with you while letting someone else take care of those details.

Living at Home Is More Affordable

Although living home appears to have no additional costs, you will eventually need some level of care. Taking care of you and your home will fall on the shoulders of your family, or expensive hired caretakers. In the long-run, a senior living community near Somerset, PA, can save you money and give you peace of mind.