Seal Coating on Campus – Limited accessibility

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2021)


July 21, 2021 – Illustrative Summary Below: All areas highlighted yellow to be treated with proper cleaning, prep-work, pavement crack repair for significant cracks, and commercial-grade seal coat.

Wednesday, July 21 the walking trail work will start. Please refrain from using the trail starting on Wednesday.

By end of Wednesday all cars affected by yellow marks (Wheatfield Drive Road and driveways, also Bobwhite, Goldfinch and Hummingbird driveways) will need moved to the main parking lots. Cars will not be able to pull out or in from Thursday morning to Saturday morning. Your options include 1) leave your car in your own garage [if you will not need it until Saturday the 24th or  2) relocate it to Vista Dr or Cambridge parking lots, any time before the end of the day Wednesday, July 21.

Accessibility to Wheatfield Drive, Goldfinch Ct and Hummingbird Ct will be limited. Please be aware of all traffic cones and caution tapes on campus Wednesday thru Friday.