Dining Room Manager

  1. Meet with chef and catering manager to assess plans for the day and upcoming events
  2. Supervises and assists in meal service of restaurant during meal times
  3. Maintain established standards of service and provide proper training when needed
  4. Visit dining room tables throughout service times for customer satisfaction and resolving of guest concerns/requests
  5. Monitor temperature logs for completion and accuracy
  6. Supervision of dining room staff and uniformity of service standards
  7. Make sure all wait staff are in proper uniform and that they are clean, shirts tucked in, dress pants, black socks and shoes. Stained or soiled clothing is not permitted. Staff should always look professional and have a name tag on
  8. Assist in closing procedures at end of night ensuring all staff have completed their daily assignments and register is closed properly
  9. Attend stand up meeting prior to each meal reviewing daily features and menu tastings
  10. Ensures that customers are sat promptly and service is occurring in a timely manner
  11. Monitor staff with completion of cleaning assignments and each individual job descriptions is being followed.
  12. Makes sure that dining room tables are set properly and uniformly according to set standards, dining room remains a neat and clean appearance at all times.
  13. After comment cards are reviewed by management, share and discuss these with appropriate staff
  14. Review reservation book and ensuring staff are prepared for reservations
  15. Review event calendar with Catering/Marketing manager to make sure events are set up according to the Catering managers instructions
  16. Make sure banquet rooms always look presentable when not in use, organized and clean
  17. Make sure that banquet items are stored properly and timely
  18. Attends department meetings as scheduled
  19. Reports any repairs needed to maintenance department
  20. Monitor infection control procedures are being followed
  21. Conducts orientation of new servers. Checks off new staff competency.
  22. Keeps privileged information about residents confidential according to HIPAA guidelines.
  23. Upholds Laurel View Village’s Code of Conduct and follows Corporate Compliance guidelines, per the LVV Employee Handbook.
  24. Other duties as assigned. Including set and service of Banquets.