Helpful Tips for a Smooth Transition to Senior Living

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2019)

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Retirement communities go by many different names, such as continuing care retirement communities, life plan communities, senior care centers or nursing homes. There are differences between each, so you want to make sure you do your homework. Regardless of their label, the best options enhance you or your loved one’s well- being while also providing medical services, social opportunities, and other services to match a changing lifestyle. If you’re looking for a senior care community for yourself or a loved one, keep reading to learn how to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Begin the Moving Process Early On

People collect a lot of things over a lifetime and packing and moving can be quite stressful. Individuals who have chosen to move often find this to be the hardest part about the process. That’s why it’s suggested that you or your loved one start downsizing long before a move is necessary. Doing so allows more time to decide what to do with belongings and how your new living arrangements will accommodate you or your loved one and the stuff that’s been acquired over a lifetime.

Visit Several Communities

There are many types of senior care communities. If you have the idea that living in one of these facilities is akin to a hospital room, you’re encouraged to visit and discover how many housing options there really are. Today’s seniors don’t necessarily move into a care center because they need 24-hour medical supervision. Many aging adults move into life plan communities because they want less maintenance, social activities closer to home, and a place they know will be able to meet their needs as they continue to age.

Many people are surprised at the options they have when it comes to senior living in Johnstown, PA. Decide what type of floorplan you or your loved one wants that will make the move as natural as possible. Take tours of the places that appeal to you and discover just how many options there are.

Get Involved in the Community

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People living in a continuing care retirement community might experience feelings of loneliness or isolation because they’re in a new environment and they don’t know anyone. This is a very natural part of the transition process. The best way to combat these feelings is to engage in the new community and give it time to transition.

If you’re the one moving in, sign up for social events and outings that pique your interests. Try new things and be open to meeting new people. If it’s a loved one moving into the facility, encourage them to reach out to others and be friendly with the other residents. The more people around you or your loved one means feelings of loneliness and isolation will slowly subside.

Express Concerns

Is there hesitation about moving into a senior community? Whatever those hesitations are, it’s a sure bet that you or your loved one aren’t the first people feeling these emotions. Be frank with the staff explain what you’re feeling. Are you concerned about transportation? Are you worried your medical needs won’t be met? Expressing concerns at the onset allows you to seek solutions and feel confident you’re making the right choice.

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