(Last Updated On: February 5, 2021)

February 3, 2021

Dear Families, Loved Ones, and Initial Contacts of the Health Care Center:

Our Health Care Center continues to offer virtual visits to allow for families to visit with their loved ones. With our Center entering into the yellow phase, we are happy to announce that window visits can occur once again under precautionary guidelines.

Window visits can begin as early as February 8th. As before, the designated window visiting area will be the Health Care Dining Room Patio. Window visits at resident rooms are not and will not be permitted under any circumstances due to risk of resident and visitor safety and for the privacy of other residents.

Please closely review the following guidelines:

  • One window visit per resident will be permitted per week. On February 22nd, the window visit schedule will be reviewed. If the demand is overwhelming, we will remain at one window visit per resident per week. As time and space allows, we will permit more.
  • Windows must remain closed and locked at all times. A speaker system is set up for residents and families to talk to each other. The system will be tested each day before visits start.
  • Each window visit can be up to 30 minutes long.
  • Visit at your own risk; you will be exposed to the elements when visiting outside. A plexiglass barrier has been built, which permits one visitor in at a time. There is no heating system, so please dress warm if you are planning on having a window visit.
  • Items being brought in to give to residents must be dropped off at the Health Care Main Entrance. No exceptions.
  • We continue to have virtual visits scheduled at the normal times, which may affect window visit booking availability. Please book window visits 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • If you need to cancel, contact Lindsey Mason or Brandon Ehrenfeld immediately. While we will try to make accommodations as best as we can, please be aware that rescheduled times may need to occur a few days after the initial-booked date due to availability.
  • There are two window visit options:
    • Plexiglass-protected box
    • No additional protection/normal seating
  • At first booking, all window visits will be booked with the plexiglass-protected box. If the box is reserved, you may have the option to visit without the barrier but again, do so at your own risk. This option will not be available via the website, so if a time slot is taken you may call and request it.
  • To request a visit, please go to our website: laurelviewvillage.com/virtualcommunication/ > Health Care & Arbor Virtual/Window/Outdoor Schedule > Click the appropriate schedule (window or virtual)
  • Lindsey Mason continues to manage the Health Care Visitation Schedule. For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact her directly at (814) 205-6295. Note: Her direct line has changed since the last communication was delivered. Life Enrichment Team contact information is included below for your convenience.

Thank you for the patience, love, and support you have shown to our employees and residents throughout this pandemic. We look forward to the day when we can allow visitors inside our building again. Stay safe and stay healthy.


Kind regards,

Brandon Ehrenfeld                                                                         Nicole Deneen

HC Life Enrichment Coordinator                                                 Life Enrichment Team Lead

behrenfeld@lvv1.com                                                                   ndeneen@lvv1.com

(814) 205-6825                                                                              (814) 205-6619