(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

We can’t thank all our staff enough for what they do on a daily basis – you are truly amazing! Below is a letter to the editor of The Daily American that was published on March 25, 2020


As we go through life, we come across people, organizations and businesses that impact our lives.  We can look back and weigh the good and the bad, and know which were the ones that had the most positive impact on us.  For all of us, Laurel View Village in Davidsville would have to be right at the top.

Our mother, Alice Powell Wirick, had been sick and when she was released from the hospital, she was going to require skilled nursing/health care and then assisted living/personal care.  After searching for the most appropriate facility for her, we all agreed on Laurel View Village.  It was the best collective decision we ever made.

Mom was fiercely independent and the staff there knew it would be hard for her.  They immediately tried to make her feel at home. They involved her in many activities where she could get to know other residents. She really wanted to go home and reminded us of that often, but she needed the help and eventually came to accept it. Her response later was,” I’d rather be home but, you kid’s sure picked a good place.”

We saw good times and bad with her health. But one thing that was always a constant was the care, respect and dedication of all of the staff.  Every person with whom we came in contact, from maintenance to the nursing staff was superb in our view.  Staff from every department was kind, and friendly and truly compassionate.  Everyone would greet us as we walked the halls.

Mom passed away in January, after nearly three years, and that level of care was never more evident than during those last two difficult weeks as we stood by her in her last hours. It was more than just care, it was loving care.  It overflowed onto us, as well. They guided us as we made decisions. Our questions and issues were addressed head-on with professionalism.

Laurel View Village can be proud of their employees. They kept Mom, as well as all others, active and made sure she was well and safe.  What all five of us most appreciate was the high level of regard and performance throughout those years.  Each of us, would like to say, “THANK YOU” to all of them!



Linda Powell Hawthorne

Mary Alice Powell Emert

Deana Powell Erickson

David Powell

Nancy Powell Emert