Fun Exercises for Senior Citizens

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

Most people already know that exercise is important for health, and that when you build up your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, you can improve your body and your mood. It can sometimes seem like a daunting task as you age, but whether you’re in senior retirement apartments in Johnstown, PA, or anywhere else, there are a few fun ways you can get in your exercise.


Aerobics like dancing, chair exercises, or bouncing on an exercise ball can help you build up strength in specific areas of the body. You can often find aerobics classes in senior retirement apartments in Johnstown, PA, which can encourage you along.


Yoga and other exercises like tai chi and qi gong involve slow movement or held poses can help you build up your flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Water Activities

Swimming and other water activities are some of the best ways you can get in low-impact exercises to build your cardiovascular health. Even if you don’t like swimming laps, you can always try water aerobics.

Everyday Activities

Other activities that you do as hobbies anyway can sometimes provide some amount of exercise. For instance, walking is a popular pastime for many people around senior retirement apartments in Johnstown, PA. Even hobbies like gardening involves a bit of moving and stretching.