(Last Updated On: May 15, 2020)

Dear Residents and Families,

Independent Living Only Phase 1

As Somerset County moves to the yellow phase of reopening, many residents and families have been anxious to hear what that means for us at Laurel View Village. We are just as anxious and excited to get back to some normalcy and enjoy time with one another, however, we also have to err on the side of caution. In the attached image you will find the first phase we have developed in reopening our independent living areas. Our Personal Care and Health Care centers are regulated by Department of Health & Department of Human Services and guidance remains the same at this time. Due to the main building housing the Health Care and Personal Care Center, that building including Vista will be slower to reopen as it will have to follow stricter guidelines.

We ask that you keep in mind, we have over 300 residents and families and this situation is affecting each differently.  Each of us feels differently of how cautious or not cautious one needs to be, however we are still a community trying to protect everyone that lives here.

Off campus visitors can come on campus, but we are asking at first that it be window visits. The only visitors that should enter independent living buildings continue to be approved caregivers or contractors. If you live in an apartment that is not on ground floor or does not have easy access for window visits, designated areas are being set up such as in Fresh Harvest or the back banquet room/patio for you to visit with friends or family. In Vista, if you don’t have a lower level apartment you can sit in the first floor billiard room or sun room and have family outside. For independent living these window visits do not need scheduled through administration, just coordinate with your loved one.

Health Care and Personal Care resident families please schedule window visits through life enrichment in each of those areas. Please contact April, Personal Care Life Enrichment Coordinator at (814) 200-3018 or acoval@lvv1.com. Please contact Amy, Health Care Life Enrichment Coordinator at (814) 205-6825 or apatterson@lvv1.com. For all levels of living on campus, you can also schedule virtual communication or send a message to your loved one here, https://www.laurelviewvillage.com/act…/virtualcommunication/

We have received questions about COVID19 testing, at this time we are still waiting guidance and are developing a plan, as soon as we have more information we will share.

Please remember our phases to reopening will be revised as needed based on the current situation. If you have any questions regarding the reopening please do not hesitate to call or email administration. Thank you for your continued support and patience!