(Last Updated On: June 5, 2020)

June 3, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

With Somerset County going into the green phase this Friday, we have had many questions regarding visitation restrictions. We have received specific guidance from the PA Dept. of Health that our current restrictions must remain in place for at least four weeks beyond the county going green for our health care and personal care centers. Therefore, we will continue with virtual and window visits for those areas.

Independent Living residents can now have visitors in their homes. We ask visitors to limit themselves to the resident’s unit only, avoid common spaces and close interaction with other residents. All visitors must be symptom free, wear a mask, use hand sanitizer upon entering and try to stay socially distanced when practical. Attached to this letter you will find details to various changes for independent living residents on campus. All these advances in phases will depend on current situations, some items might open-up sooner or may go backwards.  Laurel View Village will constantly re-evaluate risks and revise our plan as needed.

We have also been mandated to start testing our Personal Care and Health Care residents along with staff weekly. If we have no positive cases, we can test at minimum 20% of those residents and staff each week. We began the week of May 25 testing. We have received all negative results from our first week of resident and staff testing, with week two test results still pending.

Independent living residents are not being tested by Laurel View Village. If you want to be tested, please contact your primary care physician. If you are an independent living resident that has been staying off campus for extended amount of time or admitted to the hospital at least overnight, you should receive a COVID19 test before returning.

Cambridge and Townhome residents and guest of Vista residents still cannot enter the communal space that include the Vista front desk, Village Café, or chapel area. Cambridge and Townhome residents can enter the credit union from the outside but cannot enter the main building.

To all our residents, families and staff please continue to be extremely cautious, try not to expose yourself to large groups, use good hand hygiene and continue to wear masks. We are all getting tired of this situation, however continuing to be diligent is important.

Thank you for your continued patience, dedication, understanding and teamwork. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.


Timothy V. Mock                                            Angela Rizzo
CEO                                                                   Senior Director of Independent Living & Community Relations
(814) 205-6707                                               (814) 205-6289
tmock@lvv1.com                                           arizzo@lvv1.com