COVID19 Update as of August 19, 2022

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2022)

August 19, 2022

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

Please read this COVID-19 update for information on the status of the Covid outbreak at Laurel View Village.

Since my last update on July 18, we have continued to identify three to four employees per week on average. This week we have identified 2 residents of the Health Care Center as positive. We are unaware of any other residents who are positive or who have had significant exposure. In addition to the positives, we have identified on campus the transmission levels in the local counties continues to be categorized as high.

Please read the information below as to precautions being taken in each area of campus.

Independent Living: Please continue to monitor your symptoms. Please follow isolation guidelines if you are identified as positive. If you have a known exposure please wear a mask when you are attending events or in common areas. We are requiring staff to continue to wear masks. Residents who have no known infections or exposures may choose for themselves what group activities to attend, and whether they want to wear masks at any events. Visitors are allowed at any time.

Health Care: Two residents and two staff persons have been identified as positive this week. Due to this we have opened a “Red Zone” to isolate the positive residents, and are considering all other residents possibly exposed, which is a “Yellow Zone”. Staff are wearing appropriate PPE for each area. Visitors are allowed for any resident. Please read the signage identifying what PPE should be worn before entering. Residents are being tested twice per week to identify any other spread of infection.

Personal Care: No residents are currently identified as positive or considered exposed. Visitors are allowed for any residents. Please read the signage identifying what PPE should be worn before entering.

Staff: Please continue to monitor your symptoms and report any immediately. Testing is currently Tuesdays and Fridays for all employees, and we are asking that you test before reporting to your workstation. Please pay attention to signage notifying you of what PPE is required for the different areas.

As has been our recent experience, all the recent cases include no more than mild symptoms and even some positive individuals have no symptoms at all.

We are following all necessary guidance to safeguard our residents and families. Thank you for your prayers, understanding and cooperation in these matters.


Timothy V. Mock, CEO