COVID19 Update as of 11.15.21

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2021)

November 15, 2021

Dear Residents and Families,

We have received new guidance on allowing visitation during outbreaks. We are now required to open for visitations at all times. We are required to enforce some precautions during visitation but can not limit the visits. We are glad to have received this new guidance as we know that our residents need to have in-person visits with their loved ones. We are required to inform visitors about any cases that we have ongoing in the building and what precautions need to be taken when visiting. Please read below for this information in each care area.

Personal Care: Visitation is open to all residents of the Personal Care Center and Reflections. We have identified one new resident with COVID-19, today. This resident is in the Reflections unit and is quarantined to their room. Please be aware that there is a risk of infection when visiting during an outbreak. Outbreak testing will continue for two more weeks. The areas in Personal Care are all designated either Yellow or Red. See below for guidance on visiting yellow and red areas.

Health Care: Visitation is open to all residents of the Health Care Center. There has been one employee identified as positive. It has been determined that no residents met the criteria for exposure. We have tested all residents who had any contact with the positive staff person and all test results have been negative. Outbreak testing will continue for two weeks. Please be aware that there is a risk of infection when visiting during an outbreak. The Health Care Center is still considered a green zone with one resident quarantining in a yellow zone due to unknow history of possible exposure.

Independent Living: There are no known cases in Independent Living and no restrictions on visitation.

Visitation: Please follow the following guidelines when visiting.

  1. There are signs that mark each designated area and PPE available at the entrance. Follow all instructions at the entrance to each zone area.
  2. Visitors entering Green Zones should wear surgical masks provided at the front door.
  3. Visitations during outbreaks should happen only in resident rooms or other private areas.
  4. Visitors entering Red or Yellow zones should wear gowns, N95 masks, and face shields.
  5. Visitors, visiting more than one resident should not move from higher risk areas to lower risk areas on the same day. Please visit Green Zones first, Yellow Zones second, and leave the building after visiting a Red Zone.
  6. Visitors entering red zones should change their PPE when leaving the red zone as to not wear infected PPE through any other area of the building.
  7. If there are any questions, please ask staff in the care areas.

We are pleased to be able to open to visitors. Please help us keep your loved ones and yourselves safe while visiting. Thank you once again for your patience in all these matters.


Timothy Mock, CEO