(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

February 12, 2021

Dear Laurel View Village Residents and Families,

Please see the attached test results for the complete statistics from this past week. We are pleased that we have continued with no new resident COVID cases. Only one new case has been identified in employees in the last week. We continue to be vigilant with infection control procedures for the safety of staff and residents.

Independent Living (IL): Currently we have no known infections. Please continue to use caution when interacting and in public areas to reduce the risk of infection. Dining is scheduled to reopen March 1, and we will continue to assess the situation and announce changes in other restrictions as appropriate.

Personal Care and Reflections: No resident cases are known at this time. Because of one positive staff member we have taken some additional precautions and must delay our start of in person visitation. All residents have been tested with negative results. Window visits are available, please call Life Enrichment to schedule a visit.

Health Care: We are following all appropriate guidelines for reopening steps. We have been able to open our salon for residents and begin window visits. If all goes as planned, dining rooms will open and common area visits will begin on February 23. Currently please contact Health Care Life enrichment to schedule a window visit.

Staff: We continue to test employees twice per week. We identified 1 newly positive staff member who is asymptomatic. Staff are still practicing distancing and wearing protective equipment as each situation requires.

Vaccines: We are pleased to announce that 96% of Independent Residents have received the first dose of vaccine. Second dose clinics are scheduled as follows.

  • On February 16 CVS will return for those who received their first dose on January 26.
  • On March 8 Giant eagle will return for residents who received their first dose on February 8.


Thank you for your support and patience as we have worked through this situation.

Timothy V. Mock, CEO

                                                                                           – TEST RESULTS BELOW – 


Date: February 12, 2021

To: All Laurel View Community Members.

From: Timothy Mock

Ref: COVID Test Results


As we desire to communicate as completely as possible, we will be continually updating our testing and results information on our website, Facebook, and ADP(for employees).

Tests completed from February 3 through February 6

Group Tests Completed Positive Negative Results not yet received
PC Reflections Residents 0 0 0 0
PC Resident 36 0 36 0
HC residents 1 0 1 0
IL Residents 0 0 0 0
Staff (including subs) 131 1* 130 0

* One Personal Care direct care worker has tested positive and is quarantining off campus.

Tests completed from February 7 through February 9

Group Tests Completed Positive Negative Results not yet received
PC Reflections Residents 0 0 0 0
PC Resident 0 0 0 0
HC residents 1 0 1 0
IL Residents 0 0 0 0
Staff (including subs) 131 0 131 0

Tests completed from February 10 through February 13 are in process; no positive results have been received yet.

Historical and current active infections of residents as of 2/12/2021.

Location Historical Infections Current Active Recovered Deaths Notes
Health Care 43 0 29 16 2 Positive PC residents have been cared for in HC. Data Included in PC
PC-Reflections 10 0 6 4  
PC 2 0 2 0  
Vista Apartments 2 0 2 0  
Townhomes 14 0 12 2  
Cambridge Place 1 0 1 0