COVID Update as of May 25, 2022

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2022)

May 25, 2022

Dear Residents and Families,

As we have announced we have a new outbreak of COVID on our campus. Each area on campus is affected differently. Please read this update to understand the situation.

Health Care:

We have one resident who tested positive upon admission from the hospital. This caused us to open our “red zone” to properly isolate the resident. We are monitoring other residents for signs and symptoms currently. We are unaware of any exposures in the Health Care Center from staff or residents.

Personal Care:

We have 7 Reflections residents and 1 other Personal Care resident who have been identified as positive. While there are no known specific exposures, we did test all Personal Care residents, due to the number of positive staff and residents in this area. We continue to monitor for signs and symptoms. Resident testing will continue to be weekly until we have 2 weeks without new positive residents identified.

Independent Living:

We have identified 4 residents in the Vista apartments as positive. We have contact traced the residents and have offered testing to all exposed residents that we know of. If other residents feel they were exposed, please call the front desk if you would like to be tested.


We have identified 5 employees as positive. Two employees work in the dining department, two from Personal Care Life Enrichment, and one from Health Care. All employees are currently being tested twice per week to continually identify infection.

Visitation: All residents are eligible for visitation. Please check signage at the entrances to care areas or ask staff for instructions of what PPE is appropriate. Please be aware that visiting residents who are currently positive or in areas with other positive residents may pose a risk to you. If you choose to visit through means of window or virtual, please contact our life enrichment department in the area that you wish to visit.

We are following all necessary guidance to safeguard our residents and families. Thank you for your prayers, understanding and cooperation in these matters.


Timothy V. Mock, CEO