(Last Updated On: January 5, 2021)

January 5, 2021

Dear Laurel View Village Community,

Laurel View Village continues to battle COVID-19. As of today, two additional Health Care residents with COVID-19 have passed away. This brings our campus total to nine deaths of individuals with active COVID infections, two from the Townhomes, three from Personal Care and four from Health Care. Our deepest sympathies are with the families. Please continue to keep each family in your prayers.

Additional positive residents have been identified in the Health Care Center. These residents have been moved to our Health Care Center Red Zone. This is done to protect the residents who do not already have COVID-19.

No new positive residents have been identified in Personal Care. Ten positive residents of Reflections have completed their quarantine period and can be considered recovered, though some are still dealing with residual effects. The three Reflection residents who continue to be negative, will be tested one more time before we can remove the red zone designation of Reflections.

Independent Living has not had any new positive cases recently, but residents continue to be exposed through off campus interactions and several tests are pending.  Our routine testing continues to identify positive employees as well. Currently we have 27 employees with active infections. Each time a new positive resident or staff person is identified, their situation is evaluated and individuals who may have been exposed are identified and monitored for symptoms. Please see our test results update for numbers of residents and staff tested and positive.

Some good news is that today the vaccine has been distributed on our campus. Eleven Health Care residents and over eighty employees received the vaccine. Unfortunately, positive residents were unable to receive the vaccine. We hope to get additional residents vaccinated as it is clinically allowable for each of them. We are still working to find out when we may be able to get our Personal Care and Independent Living residents vaccinated, as the Pennsylvania Department of Health has not yet announced when the vaccine can be given to these groups of residents.

We once again thank you for all your patience and support. Please continue to pray for the safety and health of our staff and residents in these uncertain times.



Timothy Mock, CEO