(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

June 8, 2020

Dear Residents, Staff, and Family,

As a follow up to the communications about the employee who has tested positive for COVID-19 we wanted to update each of you on several fronts.

First the employee has been retested and the second test also came back positive. This is confirmation that the individual is truly positive for COVID-19. We need to use this as a reminder to remain vigilant on our effort to mitigate the spread. While on campus please continue to use masks, wash and sanitize your hands and social distance.

Also, this confirmed positive case will trigger continued testing. Per the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidance, we must continue to test all employees, and all Health Care and Personal Care residents weekly until we have 2 consecutive weeks without any positive test results. Dates of future testing will be announced.

Currently, we have completed our testing of Health Care and Personal Care residents and more than 90% of our employees. We have also tested all Independent Living residents who were identified through contact tracing of the positive individual.  We intend to have the last few employees tested by the end of today Monday, June 8. We are beginning to receive results, and all that have been received have been negative to date, with the exception of the original positive individual. We will continue to communicate the results with individual staff members, and residents or care givers as they come in. Publicly we will announce if there are other positive results and when all results are received. Based on current testing timeframe we expect the majority of results to be received by the end of today, with the remainder by Wednesday, June 10.

We are discussing how we may be able to make testing available to Independent Living (Vista, Cambridge Apartments, and Townhomes) residents that wish to be tested. An announcement to Independent Living residents will be forthcoming.

Once again, we want to remind everyone to follow the infection control procedures that are in place at this time. All employees should be wearing paper surgical masks. All residents should be wearing cloth face coverings when outside of their rooms. Masks must covering both your nose and mouth at all times. Everyone should be practicing frequent and routine hand washing or hand sanitation, as necessary. For anyone who leaves campus please continue to practice social distancing and hand sanitizing as appropriate.

We appreciate the patience of everyone as we work through this process. The dedication of our staff to our residents and mission has never been more evident. The residents and families have been extremely patient and understanding. We covet your prayers in this time as we seek to work for the continued safety of our residents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to administration.


Timothy V. Mock, CEO