Beneficial Health Activities for Seniors

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

A growing number of older persons are turning to senior living communities as a residential option. Many are empty nesters that want to downsize from a single-family home to a more modest residence and carry on independent and active lifestyles. In a senior living community, residents can interact with others who share the same backgrounds and experiences.

There are benefits to moving into a senior living community. Many have trained staff to ensure the needs of its residents are met, from nutrition to medical, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Planning and conducting health activities for the residents is a key task of staff members.

You may be considering a move into one of the senior citizen apartments near Somerset, PA, and will be surprised the staff may have a calendar planned of healthy walks, exercise classes, or meditation. Here are some of the ways apartment communities are promoting healthy living to their senior residents.


Fitness for residents of senior apartments is more varied now than the morning stretch. Instructors want to make fitness fun and beneficial, instead of a physical chore, by leading residents in low-impact activities tailored to the person’s physical limitations. That means yoga or tai chi movements, or even Zumba classes.


Opportunities for walking may be offered by instructors at the senior living apartments you choose to live in. Walking is one of the healthiest of activities. Some senior communities organize excursions to nearby parks, gardens, or shopping malls for residents to do their walking safely. There are also social benefits to walking with a group of other residents.


Some senior residential communities organize trips to a local pool for residents or even have their own pool on-site. If the community you are considering offers this, take advantage of it. Swimming is easy on arthritic joints, improves cardiovascular fitness, and is less stressful as an aerobic exercise. Like walking, a trip to the pool is a beneficial social activity.


Dancing is exercise as well as entertainment. Many senior living apartments have dances as part of the social event schedule. An afternoon or evening of dancing with residents who know your steps benefits your health and overall well-being.

Health activities are an important part of living in a senior community. A trained life-enrichment staff will help you make the most of them. If you are looking into a new life in one of the senior citizen apartments near Somerset, PA, take advantage of these activities for your good health.