(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Elderly White Couple Moving Out of Home and Hugging and Looking at Their Living Room

There will come a time when you’ll need to downsize. Leaving your home and all the reminders of fond memories can be a very tough process. But life comes with change and new stages of life. Where you move is a big decision that will determine your quality of life. And you will need a place that will meet your budget and suit your needs. This is why it’s important to research and weigh all your options.

Senior Citizen Apartments

Moving to a 55+ apartment is a popular option for seniors looking to downsize. Selling your house gives you access to a lump sum of money. Working with a financial advisor, you can invest the funds from the sale of your house and budget a monthly amount to pay monthly service fees.

Living in a 55+ apartment within a fommunity that offers personal care in Johnstown, PA, is an option with many advantages. It affords you the freedom and privacy of independent living, but when you need help there is a staff ready to help. Advantages include:

  1. Smaller living space. If you live alone or with a second person, an apartment will provide a smaller footprint than a single-family house. This means less moving around to get around your living space, which is important as you age. There is also less cleaning and maintenance inside the house. Even better housekeeping and maintenance services may be included in your monthly service fee – giving you even less worry!
  1. Network of friends. Another advantage is you will live close to many people your age with similar life experiences. Having friends in the later stages of life is important for emotional health. Some seniors with busy adult children with families of their own don’t always get the emotional support they need from their children. Developing friendships among those people in the apartments can be very valuable and enduring.
  1. Community activities. Everyone, young and old, needs a reason to get up every morning. It’s important to have activities and hobbies for which you can look forward. Many of the apartment complexes give residents access to social areas, game rooms, computer rooms, and arts and crafts rooms. As you visit potential 55+ apartments, ask about the activities they have for residents. If getting out and about is important, make sure they offer trips out into the community. Is there a shuttle that will take you shopping? Does the apartment complex invite youth groups to come and give dance and choir performances.
  1. Physical fitness. Staying active as you age is important to your overall health. Does the apartment complex have a fitness center? What about a pool or spa? Are there walking paths within walking distance of the apartments? Do they have someone on staff dedicated to keeping seniors active with classes or one-on-one training?

Two Elderly Couples Sitting and Smiling Together

  1. Security. Apartment complexes feature security systems and usually a security officer on staff. There is also controlled access, so the staff knows who is entering and exiting the premises. Also, many apartment complexes have rooms equipped with emergency call systems if the staff needs to be contacted immediately. This can give seniors the peace of mind that they are being watched over and protected.
  1. Healthcare proximity. Another advantage is that senior citizen apartments are close to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, so you don’t have to travel far for quality healthcare.

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