(Last Updated On: November 16, 2018)

The decision to place an aging parent or relative in long-term care can be one of most difficult ones to make. You want your loved one to have the attentive and compassionate care that you are no longer able to provide.

There are options to consider for long-term care of an older relative who still maintains some independence, such as retaining the services of a home-care aide to manage daily health and nutrition tasks. When that parent or relative is no longer able to live safely on their own, the choices come down to residential facilities where they would receive the best care possible and be allowed to live with dignity.

Assisted living communities and nursing homes are two options to consider for senior living housing near Johnstown, PA.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are an option for older persons who can no longer live independently, but do not require advanced medical care or assistance. Assisted living communities typically resemble a small apartment complex. Residents live in private quarters equipped with limited kitchen space.

Most residents of assisted living communities do not need constant daily supervision. The communities have staff available for housekeeping and meals, and to maintain a safe environment. Staff members focus on assisting the resident in their daily routines, such as bathing or dressing. Licensed nursing personnel are often on site to assist residents with their medical needs.

Nursing Home Care

As an older parent or relative becomes frail and less able to care for themselves, a move to a nursing home becomes more of a reality. Also known as convalescent care or skilled nursing care facilities, they have personnel who provide around-the-clock care for older persons needing a high level of assistance. The residents may be infirm, have complex medical needs, or live with debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Residents of nursing homes typically share rooms and dine in common areas. There are planned activities for residents who are able to participate. A staff of licensed professional nurses, nursing aides, and support personnel is available for regular care.

The adjustment to a nursing home setting may not be easy for some older persons used to the familiar surroundings of home. You should prepare an older loved one for the transition by emphasizing the personal and professional care that the facility can provide.

When looking into senior living housing near Johnstown, PA, take the time to consider for an elderly loved one the options of assisted living communities and nursing home care.