(Last Updated On: January 10, 2021)

January 8, 2021

Dear Laurel View Village Community,

In an effort to keep all residents and responsible parties informed, we have enclosed all communications and test results that were received this week. We are doing our best to respond to the situation and share all pertinent information in a timely manner.

Since our last communication, we have had two more residents of Health Care and one more resident of Personal Care pass away with active COVID-19 infections or complications. This brings our total to 12 residents from all areas of campus that have passed with COVID diagnoses. Please see the attached test result update for most recent figures from each area of campus.

We are continuing to follow all available guidance in responding to this situation. Infection control is a top priority. We have not identified any new infections in residents of personal care for over a week and no new infections in residents of Health Care since Monday of this week. We strive to fill resident days with meaningful activity and interactions as much as our limiting guidance allows. Please remember to schedule your virtual visitation online and through our life enrichment departments. It has also been several weeks since we have identified any new cases in Independent Living.

Once again, we offer our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of those that have passed. We continue to pray for the peace and comfort of each person who has lost someone to this pandemic. Our prayers for healing are also with every resident and staff person who are currently battling COVID-19. We pray for strength and peace for residents, families, and staff as we continue to work through such a difficult time. We ask that you join us in these prayers.


Timothy V. Mock, CEO